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A Tribe Called Quest - Hits, Rarities + Remixes (2 x LP)



Got all your favorite jams here: "Scenario," "Electric Relaxation," "Bonita AppleBaum," "Jazz (We've Got)," etc. When you play these out at gigs, everyone starts spittin' ATCQ lines. That's the true value of this record. It's that familiar shit that you aren't ashamed to play 'cause the tracks are that good. I'll even admit an inside the warehouse fact: overall, when EVERYTHING gets tired... Tribe is always there to sooth our pains. It's the chemistry of Tip's smooth lines, Fife's witty comic relief and Ali Shaheed's smooth production that makes it so timeless. Let's not forget the "rarities" in the title. "Mr. Icognito" was one that I'd searched for forever in college. I'd heard it on a friend's mixtape (O-Dub mabye?) and it killed me! I spent years lookin' at dingy thriftshops and online hip hop stores until I found it on a bootleg comp. Still not as clean as this. "The Night He Got Caught" is also a lost burner that I've never seen before. Like many ATCQ tracks, it rides that midnight love groove which is perfect for the dudes as well as the fine females.

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