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My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (2 x LP w/ 5 BONUS TRACKS)

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SPECIAL JAPANESE PRESSING OF MBV'S MASTERPIECE. If you are going to own one My Bloody Valentine album, this would be it. Originally released in 1991, Loveless is a shoe gaze classic in every sense. This Japanese pressing features 5 extra tracks from the Tremolo EP on double vinyl with printed insert. Our vintage Lab review from Luke the DA - Trends move fast, and the whole 80s revival has been waning for a while now. Models will always love that shit, but I figure it's more of a Madonna thing than anything else. That said, we here in NYC are moving forward into the 90s and beginning to revisit shoegazer music. As a matter of fact I saw a whole live bill of the stuff last night. They were nice, but I believe in checking the originators and innovators, which is where My Bloody Valentinecomes in. Back in 1991, they somehow managed to attract me at a time when it was almost impossible to get me to stray from the righteous path of hip hop, hardcore, and Slayer- succeeding where Lush, Ride, and Curve had failed. "Only Shallow" is a perfect example of their heavy metal steelo. The drum rolls are sound like someone is emptying a Glock, and the guitar sounds like it's wired with 220 volt cables. But there's a chick singing and it's all so compressed that you could almost miss it, glance over the brilliance thinking it's just more music for that cousin of yours that carved his girlfriend's name in his arm at Thanksgiving. Give "Touched" a listen to get an idea of the incredible harmonics that these guys managed to pull. It reminds me of those flexible National Geographic records you used to get, the sound of whales fucking or something. Every single song is a standout here especially "I Only Said" and "Soon." "Blown a Wish" is a great example of more typical shoegazer ish, but My Bloody Valentine still rules. Unfortunately, this is the only album that they ever made that was any good. Some people may like to differ over Isn't Anything, but it sucks and they're wrong. So if you missed it the first time around, or you're too young to know better, we would like to offer you a crash course in old school mope rock. Shit, even if you already have it, you probably bought the CD, so scoop a copy on the media preferred by interstellar space probes. And if you bought it on tape, big ups and I will personally kiss your ass if you hand deliver your tape to me out in Bushwick. One of favorite rock records of all time. Recommended.

  • special Japanese double vinyl pressing 
  • 5 extra tracks not on original album

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