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Originally released in 1980, 'Wild Planet' is the American new wave band's second studio album, featuring the singles 'Private Idaho', 'Give Me Back My Man' and 'Party Out of Bounds'.

Track Listing:
1. Party Out of Bounds - The B-52's (3.21)
2. Dirty Back Road - The B-52's (3.21)
3. Runnin' Around - The B-52's (3.09)
4. Give Me Back My Man - The B-52's (4)
5. Private Idaho - The B-52's (3.35)
6. Devil in My Car - The B-52's (4.28)
7. Quiche Lorraine - The B-52's (3.58)
8. Strobe Light - The B-52's (3.59)
9. 53 Miles West of Venus - The B-52's (4.53)

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