DEVO - Duty Now For The Future (1Lp X 140 Color Vinyl) – Garageland Print

DEVO - Duty Now For The Future (1Lp X 140 Color Vinyl)



Rocktober 2020 Exclusive, 140 Gram, Limited Color Vinyl. Brick and Mortar, Indie-exclusive. Duty Now for the Future, Devo’s second album captures the group in the midst of a significant stylistic shift. On their first album, for all their herky-jerky rhythms and electronic accents, Devo were pretty much a standard guitars/bass/drums rock band, albeit one with more than their share of eccentricities. Duty Now for the Future found them bringing the keyboards that were used as punctuation on their earlier material into the forefront, adding a new level of irony to their “little minds through big technology” philosophy. This version includes the remastered album audio plus 5 bonus tracks.

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