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Eddie And The Hot Rods - Do Anything You Wanna Do (Red Vinyl)



Beautiful -Best Of- compilation of a band that built bridges between Pub Rock and Punk Rock! Eddie And The Hot Rods were the last of the true pub rock bands. When the Hot Rods' debut album was released in 1976, pub rock was already in its final stages. Very soon the punk rush overwhelmed the remaining pub bands. 

Eddie and The Hot Rods could hold out longer than the others, mainly because their faster tempi and higher energy were more like punk ethics (Dr. Feelgood managed to survive for the same reasons.) They tried to jump on the wave and present themselves as a punk band, but listening to their recorded output it becomes clear that they had more in common with the pub-rock audience. 

But they managed to record three pretty good albums (as well as a rather mediocre swan song) and were there until 1981. They achieved a great success with the classic 'Do Anything You Wanna Do'. Other successes include 'Teenage Depression' ,'Quit This Town' and 'Power And The Glory'. The best of the short life of the Hot Rods is found on this excellent composition. 

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