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FUGAZI'S DEBUT FULL LENGTH LP. Fugazi released their eponymous debut EP in 1988 in the midst of touring the US and Europe. They followed that release with the Margin Walker EP, which came out the following year. After taking a break from touring the band went back into the studio and started working on a new album. The sessions saw singer Guy Picciotto start playing guitar, along with a shift in songwriting. The band moved towards jamming out ideas as opposed to play songs that were written solely by Ian MacKaye. The result was Repeater, which is often regarded as a definitive album for the band. It marked a shift away from the dub influences of early material towards a harder, more aggressive sound. The band continued their exploration of themes like greed, violence, sexuality, privacy, drug abuse and death. And the album's title specifically references the gun violence that plagued Washington, DC at the time. Check out tracks like "Repeater," "Merchandise," "Blueprint," "Greed," and "Stryofoam."

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