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KISSIN / HUGGIN / MAKIN’ LOVE & / WAKIN’ UP & / GETTIN’ HIGH. Fresh Air continues the smoky bedroom R&B sound of Homeshake’s Midnight Snack LP (2015), incorporating more synthesizers and sequenced drums, fewer guitars and sparser arrangements, taking inspiration from a diverse array of acts like Sade, The Band, Broadcast, Prince and Angelo Badalamenti. “Call Me Up” is the record’s most shining product of his R&B influences: rubbery bassline, breezy spa pads, Peter Sagar’s hook is doubled with an incredibly catchy synth lead that reminds me of “Living For The Love Of You,” which is sort of its spiritual predecessor. “Wrapping Up,” “Khmlwugh,” “Every Single Thing,” “Fresh Air” and “This Way” are other highlights. I won’t name names, but a lot of these recent white boy R&B projects just stink of trying too hard - overly reliant on tropes, doing weird shit with their voice, copping heavily-rinsed Timbaland sample packs - but Sagar sounds like he’s making honest music from the heart, making it very easy to slip in and get comfy here.

  • black vinyl pressing
  • includes full color printed insert
  • music label: Sinderlyn 2017

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