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DONITA SPARKS AND SUZI GARDNER FORMED L7 IN 1985. The LA band's self-titled debut, originally released in 1988, is a short but spanking blast of raw punk energy, as it is loud, fast, and intense. "Bite the Wax Tadpole" is the opener, and the screaming vocals from Gardner and Sparks, as well as the heavy, straightforward riffs set the tone for the rest of the album. "Cat-O-Nine Tails" is fun and catchy, and the feedback-heavy "Uncle Bob" is six-plus-minutes of psychedelic drip. There are hints of grunge on the 11-tracker as showcased in "Snake Handler," and L7 would be associated with the movement, all the while influencing a number of '90s riot grrrl bands to come. Also check out "Ms. 45" and "Cool Out," and here's a fun fact: Gardner performed backing vocals on Black Flag's "Slip It In."

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