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Among the Ghosts was not written with a theme in mind. It's not a concept record. But there might be a handful of ideas that run through the different songs and possibly even tie things together.

This is the first record I've written since the birth of my daughter. Talking to fans who knew my wife was pregnant, I kept hearing fears that since now I was happily married and having a child my song writing would suffer. Folks were worried that I would no longer be able to write sad songs. Or heartbreak songs. Or dark songs. Apparently they were worried I was only going to write happy sappy love songs.

As it turns out, I think Among the Ghosts is probably one of the darker records we've ever made. Possibly the darkest if not the saddest. Not sure if that's because I got married and had a daughter or in spite of it. It’s dark but it’s big and tough at the same time. And I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life.

Track listing:
1) Among The Ghosts
2) Bottom Of The Sea
3) Everything Has Changed
4) Always Been You
5) Cover Me
6) To My Dearest Wife
7) Long Way Back Home
8) Loving
9) Back To The Night
10) For The Lonely Ones

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