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Nick Drake - Pink Moon



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THE CULMINATION OF NICK DRAKE'S EMOTIONAL OUTPOURING. Pink Moon is Drake’s deepest and most emotional record, originally released in 1972, following a long bout of severe depression. Whatever darkness he was in, he was able to channel those emotions into this final album, creating an opus that continues to grow in popularity and is reissued here on 180-gram vinyl. Unlike his other albums, this was recorded without a backing band, creating an even more intimate and personal experience. The title track is a straightforward number sung in his trademark smooth and soulful voice. “Place To Be” and “Road” are two great, yet different, love songs and the only instrumental of the album “Horn” is incredibly delicate and poignant in its simplicity. The final two songs, “Harvest Breed” and “From The Morning”, wrap the album up with an undulation of feelings that can leave you feeling empty and wanting so much more. Nick Drake was never able to see the fruits of his labor before his untimely passing in 1974 but his legacy is stronger than ever with new crops of musicians feeding off of his influence of complete emotional honesty and mortality.

  • music label: Island Records 2013

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