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THE PIXIES' DOOLITTLE IS A TANTALIZING POP MASTERPIECE that wasn't just the best record in the Pixies catalog, but also one of the best rock records of all time. Reissued here on heavyweight vinyl to coincide with the revitalization of an everlasting legacy, Doolittle is the band's third album, released just when their strands of eccentricity, misshaped songwriting and caustic volume had deliciously coalesced. On the opening "Debaser," lead singer Black Francis' confounding poetry pays homage to surrealist film, buoyed by a shuffling drum beat and Joey Santiago's screechy guitar. Pixies' songs often alternated between conversational quiet and big blasts of noise (what would be dubbed "post-punk"), and songs like "Tame" and "Crackity Jones," were the poster-children for that sound. "Hey," though, proved the Pixies could also spool out a unique indie-rock ballad. In any other context, Francis' animated singing style would sound like an annoying whine, but tethered to the other members' idiosyncrasies, for example- bassist Kim Deal's child-like coos on songs like "I Bleed," - it gave the band its pop thrust (like on "Here Comes Your Man") and, most importantly, its character. If the group's recent reunion proves anything, it's that their music has endured, thriving with new generations of loyal fans. Doolittle is a major reason why.

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