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Roky Erickson - The Evil One ( 2 x 180 Gram Vinyl / 20 Page booklet)



Celebrating a creative purple patch by a singular performer, Light In The Attic is to reissue the three albums issued by ROKY ERICKSON in the 1980s: The Evil One (LITA 097), Doní´t Slander Me (LITA 098) and Gremlins Have Pictures (LITA 099). Together, theyí´re a chance to pick up a missing jigsaw piece in the history of American rock íîní´ roll in deluxe packages.í_í_As the core member of the 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS and an undisputed pioneer of psychedelic rock, the í´60s were thrilling times for Erickson. His band riding high in their native Texas and beyond, the howling single íîYouí´re Gonna Miss Meí´ was his calling card, but Ericksoní´s íî60s ended in the stuff of nightmares. Under sharp scrutiny by the authorities due to the bandí´s well-expounded fondness for psychedelic drugs, Erickson was found with a single joint on his person. Pleading not guilty by reason of insanity to avoid prison, he was sent to the Rusk State Hospital for the criminally insane, where he was íîtreatedí´ with electroconvulsive therapy and Thorazine treatment. Erickson pulled through his three and a half years at Rusk, and even put together a band while incarcerated. THE MISSING LINKS contained Roky plus two murderers and a rapist.í_í_Released from the institution in 1974, Roky found his legend had grown while heí´d been awayí?not least because íîYouí´re Gonna Miss Meí´ was included on 1972í´s Nuggets compilation. He formed a band, THE ALIENS, and set about honing a hard rock sound that placed the psychedelic garage blues of the Elevators firmly in the last decade. Though it was produced at a time when Roky was struggling to cope with drugs and life on the outside, he hit form on his first post Elevators album-proper, 1981í´s The Evil One. Produced over a period of two years by STU COOK from CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL, ití´s a masterful collection of songs about zombies, demons, vampires and, yes, even the íîCreature With The Atom Brainí´. These tracks, inspired by schlock sci-fi and horror movies and colored by Rokyí´s distinctive, high-pitched vocal and squealing guitar, are among the maverick performerí´s best. CD includes a 48-page booklet, Vinyl includes a 20-page booklet, download card and a Side D etching by artist TRAVIS MILLARD.

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