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Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All leader Tyler, The Creator's second studio album. The lead single "Yonkers" and the movement that Wolf Haley and his posse have spearheaded played a large role in all the hype behind GOBLIN, and the shock-and-awe rapper delivers exactly what his fans were expecting - nonsensical wordplay, vulgarity, don't-give-a-damn attitude, and lots of nightmare-fantasy lyrics over minimal and quirky homemade beats. Check out "Goblin" where the 20-year old MC proclaims "I'm not a fucking role model, I'm a 19-year old fucking emotional coaster with pipe dreams" or "Sandwitches," a delightfully vile cut featuring Hodgy Beats. Also listen to "She," "Transylvania," "Window," and "Tron Cat" to get a sense of the "raw energy" that The Creator has been credited with (by everyone from ?uestlove to Jay-Z) injecting into hip-hop. 2LP gatefold, comes with free mp3 downloads, recommended.

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