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We put a lot of pride into our products and ensuring your experience with Garageland is nothing short of remarkable. We hope every record shows up in pristine condition, but there may be times when you’ll receive something that isn’t quite up to snuff. Here are the most common types of damages and our general process for handling them.

Most common issues

Issues affecting sound quality or playback including:

  • Scratches or scuffs that cause your needle to skip
  • Excessive noise, whooshes, or pops
  • Significant warpage
  • Locked grooves that prevent the needle from advancing beyond a certain point

We prioritize these issues and will send replacements when necessary (and while stock is available).

Some of these things are normal and are not considered to be damaged. If you are ever unsure, please email us and we’ll help determine what’s normal and what’s not.

Cosmetic issues including:

  • Seam splits (on the jackets or internal sleeves)
  • Dinged or bent corners
  • Miscellaneous print defects and other imperfections

While a bummer to get things with minor cosmetic damages, we generally do not send full replacements for these types of issues (unless it is severe).

How we approach replacements
Most everything we produce is limited in quantity so we, unfortunately, are unable to replace everything. That said, we do hold back some stock to send as replacements when warranted.

Generally speaking, we will replace things when the playback is impacted, or if cosmetic damage is severe (meaning, if something is crushed or damaged in multiple places).

How long will it take to get my U.S. order?

Once you place your order, you can expect it to ship out from our warehouse in 1-3 days. After that, we estimate (though we cannot guarantee) 1-5 days for all items sent via USPS first/priority mail or UPS ground. 5-7 days on all items sent via USPS media mail.

What about international orders?

Orders to non-US countries are shipped via USPS Air Mail, and are charged a shipping and handling fee based on weight and country of destination. We charge you what the USPS charges us for this service. Please be aware that some countries charge a customs fee on incoming shipments. You will be responsible to pay this fee if you want your package delivered. We have no control over the amount you may be charged for customs, but we do everything in our power to reduce or eliminate any extra fees we can.

And, how long will it take to get my order if my shipping address is outside of the U.S.?

Most international orders are delivered within 10-14 business days. Depending on your country and its customs departments/mail services, some packages can take up to 6 weeks to arrive from the day they are shipped. This is especially true if you live in Brazil or Italy. Sorry Brazil and Italy. If you still have not received your order 6 weeks after you receive your shipping confirmation (which is different and also not the same as your order confirmation) please email and we’ll work with you to find or replace your package.

I want to place an order that contains both pre-ordered releases and items that are already available for sale. Is it possible for you to ship all the available items now and the pre-order when it is released?

Sorry, but no. If your order contains any pre-ordered items, none of your order will ship until the pre-ordered items are ready to ship as well. If you don’t want to wait, please place separate orders. Thanks!

I recently received my order but the poster I ordered wasn’t included. Did you forget it?

Probably not! All posters have to be shipped separately from any other type of item on an order, and even though your entire order is always shipped out together on the same day, poster tubes seem to get sorted differently by the USPS and tend to show up a day or two after the first package is delivered. If you haven’t received your poster within 2 days of the arrival of your first shipment however, email and let us know!

Why was my credit card declined, and why then does my statement say, "payment pending”?

The main reason for declined credit card transactions, other than insufficient funds, is incorrect billing address information. To protect ourselves and our customers from theft and fraud our bank requires billing address verification, which includes street address and the postal code (zip code) as well as the 3 digit security code printed on the back of the card, which should match what is entered into the “CVV” field on your order form.

If your your card has been declined, you can rest assured that your credit card has NOT been charged. A "payment pending" charge may show up on your bank or credit card company's records for a day or two, but no actual funds have been, or will be, transferred.

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